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The many uniforms of a MOM!

The many uniforms of a MOM!
By Sarah Kaye May 9, 2019 243 Views

The many uniforms of a MOM!

As a tribute to all the moms at Ambassador Uniform and to all moms worldwide we had our in-house graphic designer and artist sketch just some of the uniforms a mom gets to wear in a day! Thanks Rachel for your awesome work!

As children growing up, we would always come home from school to find a smiling mother, a sparkling clean home, and dinner ready to be served. On occasion we’d ask Mom what she did all day… Still wondering at what point we realized dinner didn’t cook itself and Mary Poppins didn’t swoop in to get the chores done. Mom was always there to nurse our wounds, provide a listening ear, and make things better with her cooking, baking, hugs and kisses. I remember being chauffeured to and from school and after school activities (anyone else remember the Oldsmobile Delta 88 days?!)…Mom didn’t wear a chef’s coat but she was our best ever personal chef…She didn’t have a housekeeping uniform but she definitely kept house! (You could see your reflection in the floor tiles, they were sparkly clean!) I won’t discuss the ref job because mom said, that in public it must seem like we siblings never fight so refereeing is for moms worldwide except for mine! The list of “mom uniforms” is endless! Hats off to all moms out there juggling jobs at work and the myriad Mom jobs at home! Thank you Mom!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Remember to take the time to stop and smell the roses and don’t forget to send some to Mom!

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